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Lenka Hershey, attorney – at - law

Lenka Hershey is a graduate of the Masaryk University Faculty of Law in Brno, and has been engaged in legal practice since 2004, with a particular focus on civil, commercial, and family law. Services are offered in English as well as Czech, to accommodate an international clientele and to address problems requiring action in both the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

Ms. Hershey places the highest value on personal service to her clients, flexibility and responsiveness to their needs and schedules, and the highest standards of confidentiality. Services can be provided through communications in person, by telephone, or online.

Legal services:

Civil Law
legal representation, contracts, real estate law, housing law, escrow, debt collection, inheritance, neighbor relations …

Commercial Law (Czech business)
establishment of a company, business share transfers, changes in company registration, housing associations, contracts, debt collection, construction law …

Family Law
divorce procedure, settlements, child custody, child support and alimony

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Online services:

Legal services for clients outside of the Czech Republic can be provided by e-mail if necessary. In such cases, a retainer is required. Such service might include, for example, drafting contracts, examining documents, or providing a legal opinion on a described case. If representation is needed, the essential documents can be sent to the client by e-mail and the client is expected to send the signed original by mail to the attorney (solicitor, barrister, lawyer).

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